Video: Rent a Lamborghini Aventador When Visiting Beverly Hills

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Presenting what's likely the most expensive rental car ever.

Just because you're not rich enough to buy a Lamborghini Aventador, doesn't mean you can't pretend you own one. And what better place to create such a deception than Beverly Hills, California. Rental company Black & White Car Rental is the first company to offer the Aventador in this way and we're sure they won't have any problem finding customers. So how much does it cost? Try $5,000 per day or $30,000 for the week and these prices also include 30 free miles. Every extra mile costs $5.

To buy an Aventador will set you back nearly $375,000, but even at $5k per day, it's not like you're finding the bargain of the century. Interested? You can make a reservation on the company's website and can pick up the supercar at LAX or their Beverly Hills rental office. You can also see the car in this video.

Black & White Car Rental
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