Video: Renting a Supercar Has its Benefits


Don't have the cash to buy one? Then renting a supercar is viable option. So is punching bears.

Owning a supercar of any type has countless benefits. Drivers get all of the attention, satisfaction, and the privilege of just looking better than the average commuter. So yes, owning a supercar does make you better. But how about renting one? Do you get the same benefits? One would think not, but that doesn't mean you can't pretend you're the rightful owner. In this video made by Midway Car Rental, a couple of average blokes take to the streets in a (rented) Audi R8 and a Ferrari California.

They soon find themselves the main attractions at a local shindig. Their evening then consisted of women, dancing, and punching big teddy bears in the face. All the while giving the impression they owned those exotics. Not a bad investment for the night and certainly much cheaper than buying one. Hats off to Iman for the tip.

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