Video: Rich Moron Takes High-Pressure Hose to Mercedes' Interior

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What is going through this guy's head? Answer: Not a lot.

A couple of things are to be immediately inferred from this video. One: the guy on film has some cash; given his ride is a 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350, and two: he is a complete and utter moron given his insistence on spraying water all over the leather interior of his once-desirable Merc. Permanently ruining the beautiful interior of a brand-new sports sedan should be a crime, but when it has been self-afflicted, all you can do is sit back and wonder at the stupidity of some people.

The owner is so unrelenting about getting the job done, that when the guys at the car wash refused to cater to his demands, he headed to the self-service hose and got to work. Check out the video and try not to cry.

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