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Video: Rimac Automobili Concept One Teased before Frankfurt

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The Concept One is a Croation creation with over 1,000hp and 2,800lb-ft of torque in a fully-electric supercar.

Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili has released some new photos and a small video before the debut of their EV supercar. The company's first production vehicle's exterior was designed by Adriano Mudri and the interior was crafted by Goran Popovic. Both designers have been commissioned to give the Croations some added credibility due to their previous work with automakers such as Lamborghini, Mclaren and Maserati.

The Concept One is a beast under the sheets, packing four electric motors that when combined put out 1,088hp and includes an absurd 2,800lb-ft of torque. The performance numbers on the Concept One are startling for an EV to say the least. The 0-62mph time is a very fast 2.8 seconds and overall top speed is governed at 190mph. As mentioned earlier, the car is fully electric with two liquid-cooled inverter units. There are two reduction transmissions for the front and rear drive systems which are independent of each other. 10 battery modules scattered throughout the car each store 92kWh.

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Rimac Automobili will fully pull the covers off the Concept One when it debuts in a few weeks at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.