Video: Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Documentary Catches some Custom Cars

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These three bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupes are as gaudy as they get.

Serial YouTube user Smee150 has just uploaded some footage of three incredibly unique Rolls-Royce models: the Phantom, Drophead Coupe and the Silver Dawn. The cars were put together for a documentary that is coming out soon about the British motor company. The yellow and purple Phantom with the gold plate has been seen before. SuperVettura, the UK supercar dealer, completed their project over the summer and were desperate for the world to see their creation.

The 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn has been restored wonderfully, with plenty of prestige and a boisterous sound system. The Drophead Coupe was recently created, commissioning the company to come up with a bespoke design that would show off the convertibles... darker side. The Black Kirsch paint finish gives off a black color in sunlight, whereas in grayer countries like England, it gives off a deep purple color. Our foreign back-end guy loves the red wheels, however we would rather have your opinion on what you think about the three custom models.

Check out the three Rolls-Royce models on display in the video clip below.

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