Video: Russian Motorcycle Band on Wheels Takes their Performance to the Highway

A three man band playing their instruments on the highways of Russia on the back of a motorcyle. As if you expected anything less from Moscow's finest.

Moscow native Alexander Ishutin isn't a very happy guy these days. He despises the current trend of Russia's motorcycle riders going into shops and just purchasing the biggest bike they can afford, not working on them and customizing them up. Apparently he yearns for the days of the 90s, when Russian bikers were free... able to meet up at local centers and show off their rides, even the ones that were creative and unusual.

Nowadays, he thinks everyone just buys their bikes and shows them off at the bar. Enter the Bremen Town Musicians. To bring attention to his valiant cause of bringing back the 'good 'ol days' in Russia, he is taking his band of musicians to play tunes while cruising down Russia's crowded highways on a bike. No word yet on whether or not he will vote for Putin.

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