Video: Singapore Becomes Latest Ferrari Enclave

Planning a trip to Singapore? If so, then be sure to check out the local Ferrari dealership.

Supercar makers have been having tremendous success in Asia lately. Although Europe and North America will always bring in plenty of profit, China has lately been and will continue to be a growing market, as the number of wealthy individuals there continues to increase annually. Singapore is also a hot spot for supercar buyers. In this recently posted video, car spotter 'glitchFan2428' has filmed over 30 Ferraris driving in and around the official Singapore Ferrari dealership.

Amongst them we can spot a Testarossa, 599 GTB and GT0, FF, F430 Scuderia, F430 Spider, 458 Italia, California, 360 Modena, and a 360 Challenge Stradale. And in a small city-state like Singapore where small cars and mopeds are very common, the engine note of a Ferrari must really stand out. And then you hear that Lamborghini nearby...

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