Video: Singham 8 aka Stash-Hard Shows Bruce Willis How it's Done

Bruce Willis isn’t the only one who can casually step out of a speeding car with gun in hand firing some hot rounds during a car chase scene.

Bruce Willis is one of the greatest action stars of all time, and Bollywood (like us here at CarBuzz) admire his carefree ability to step out of a speeding car and fire off a few shots at a trailing car during a chase scene. Granted the Bollywood scene hasn't quite picked up on a drugged up Mary-Luise Parker (from the movie "Red"), the epic stunt has still been stolen... or should we say reshot. This scene comes from the movie Singham 8, where Ajay Devgn takes care of bad-guy Prakash Raj in style.

The last half of the clip is in Hindi, so we aren't really sure of the perp's offense, however we do know that he got taken care of in style.

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