Video: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay or Stalling in the Flooded Bay

Hurricanes have battered the East Coast, and this flood in Maryland claimed a Mercedes.

Heavy flooding hit the East Coast the last few weeks due to Hurricane's Lee and Irene. The former caused many streets to be closed in Ellicott City, Maryland where this video comes from. Ellicot City sits just outside of Baltimore (ie. Inner Harbor area) and took on incredible amounts of rain. This flash flood caught several cars in its wake, and an R230-Series Mercedes-Benz SL-Class became stuck trying to cross a flooded street.

As the driver sits there stranded you notice an amazing sight - Toyotas passing the Mercedes at leisure. Is this the case of the Japanese cars' better ground clearance or driving slower than the Mercedes? In any case this is a video definitely worth checking out, as the camerawoman so eloquently points out, "oh my gracious."

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