Video: Six-Door Ford SVT Raptor Abu Dhabi Edition


A Six-Door Raptor for the Middle East? We have the video to prove it.

The United Arab Emirates is known for their decadence and vast luxury. We're talking human-built islands shaped like a palm tree (or a chain of islands built to resemble the world) and a hotel with the largest atrium in the world and covered in windows (the Burj Al Arab) that when they turned on the air-conditioning, a rain cloud formed in the ceiling and it actually started raining inside the hotel. The huge towers which adorn the Dubai and Abu Dhabi skyline are some of the largest in the world, but I digress...

Now we have a new video of the also luxurious, custom built, sand-cruising six-door Ford SVT Raptor. The bespoke SVT Raptor is known as a rugged, powerful and excellent off-road truck. The six-door version seen here in the video is equipped to handle the sandy terrain of the Arab state and operate in the extreme temperatures that the region commonly sees (low-end temp measured at 78F in the winter, 104F to 120F in the summer). A mean humidity level sits in the country, making temperatures feel even harsher. As far as we know, tweaks have been made to the SVT Raptor to run better in the Middle East, however it contains the same 6.2-liter V8 found here in the U.S.

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Check out the video below to see the custom Ford SVT Raptor showing off its 6-doors and its off-road performance on the sands of the U.A.E.