Video: Snowboarding on Wheels - Monster X-Raid MINI All4

If you only have time to watch one video today, make this it. This MINI jumps like a freestyle snowboarder and grinds rails like no other.

Whether you call the Monster X-Raid MINI All4 Racing truck a snowboarder or a freestyle skier, it doesn't really matter, as it can jump like both and grind rails better than Shaun White.

The first time we heard about the X-Raid MINI All4 Racing Countryman was in December of last year. This rally-racing car can handle the sand of the desert, snow of the mountains and the streets of the city with the slightest of ease. It is equipped with a 3-liter RS 08 engine that puts out 215hp and roughly 515 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of 112mph, perfect for jumping up/down hills.

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