Video: Some Sand to Go with Your Bentley


Here's a lesson to all: take a 4x4 when going off-road. You'll thank yourself later.

So when going for a drive in a sandy desert, what vehicle would you typically choose to get through the difficult terrain? If you said a 4x4 of some sort then you'd be correct. See, that wasn't difficult. However, for some guy this simple concept seemed to have completely escaped him. In this video that's been quite popular online over the past few days, we can watch with great amusement as he attempts to maneuver his Bentley Continental Flying Spur out of the sandy situation he got himself into.

Meaning, he drove there without thinking. And all of those present seem to be rightly amused by the driver's inability to fully understand that his Bentley, even though it has all-wheel drive, still can't handle the terrain that should always be yielded to a proper 4x4 truck/SUV.

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In the midst of all of those Toyota and Nissan trucks driving with relative ease through the sand dunes, the Bentley driver is just not having a good day (to our amusement as well).