Video: Son Drives Father’s Ford Capri Perana into the Ocean

The 2012 Targa Wrest Point saw a Ford make a big splash – literally.

Scenic Tasmania played host to the 2012 Targa Wrest Point race and a couple of over-adventurous racers found out the hard way that taking the wrong line Down Under leads to a wet result.

Andrew Miedecke's Ford Capri Perana runs on a 302 Ford Windsor V8 engine. His son George was piloting the racer when it took off from the track and nearly hit an overturned WRX, which had met a similar fate earlier in the day. According to those 'in-the-know,' both racers took similar lines leading to their shared fates. All the drivers involved in the crashes were thankfully unharmed, so it's OK to watch this video and have a hearty laugh.

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