Video: Start your Car with Siri

Keys may soon be resigned to history as car is started remotely via Siri.

Apple hackers are a canny bunch, and developer Brandon Fiquett has come up with a brilliant way of using Siri to start up his car. In simple terms, after voicing an instruction to his iPhone it connects to a proxy server hosted on his own website, which in turn sends a message to his Acura TL that's been fitted with a cellular-connected Viper Smart Start system; a couple of seconds later and voila the car is rumbling or the trunk's been popped and Brandon feels like 007.

Commands that are accepted include "Start My Car," "Stop My Car," "Lock My Car," and "Pop My Trunk," and by using Ruby and PHP coding, the customized plugin has taken the smart phone control of ignition systems to a new level.

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