Video: Stock Car Driver Shows What A Gentleman Racer Really Is

A heroic racing driver pulls his rival from a bruning car, most likely saving his life.

When he was seven, Kip Hughes watched from the stands as his father crashed and was stuck inside his burning race car. Kip's father lived, but suffered serious burns to his face. Since then, Kip Hughes has become a successful stock car racer, but he never forgot the feeling of watching his father burn. So when, at the Stock Car Nationals in Ada, OK, rival driver Terry Muskratt became trapped in his burning car, Kip refused to sit back and let someone else handle it.

Hughes pulled Muskratt, who suffered only minor injuries, free and got him away from the burning car. We believe that every racing driver who does something like this deserves to be recognized for their bravery. Here's the video:

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