Video: Student Shows How to Make Aston Martin Cygnet Appealing

The city car with a big ego could pick up some new fans with this tasteful video.

Aston Martin has tried everything to make the Cygnet more appealing, from launching the car from inside London's exclusive Harrods store to wrapping the body in chrome gold. Nothing seems to have helped the £31,000 reworked Toyota iQ's street credibility or Aston from reaching its sales targets. Tacky videos have also been released with pretty ladies and jazzy soundtracks that have only helped to further dent the city car's reputation.

Things, however, may be on the up for Aston's runaround with this very well produced video short by London Film School student Khurrum M. Sultan. OK the clichéd beauty and funky music are still there but somehow he's managed to give the Cygent a certain allure, which Aston Martin should be very happy about.

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