Video: Subaru BRZ GT300 Comes to Life


With the introduction of the road car underway, Subaru is now busy promoting the racing version of the BRZ, the GT 300.

It's a full-out assault by Subaru these days as they work heavily to promote their all-new lightweight rear-wheel drive sports coupe, the BRZ. Although it's mechanically identical to its Toyota/Scion counterparts, Subaru engineers were the brains behind this project. With the exception of the direct-injection system and exterior styling from Toyota, all other aspects were done by Subaru. And now the fun begins as Subaru has just released a new video showing the wide-bodied GT300 on the racetrack.

This will soon be the real deal as the car is scheduled to compete in the SuperGT series sometime early next year. Powered by a wonderful sounding 2.0-liter boxer four and also featuring side exhausts, the theme of the video is 'Proud of Boxer.'

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And judging by what we've seen and heard thus far, we certainly are. Yes, this will be a wonderful car (both on the road and track) and base prices are expected to start at just around $24,000. An early Merry Christmas is now in order.