Video: Suzuki ‘Sled’ Ad for the Super Bowl

Suzuki has released their Super Bowl ad early and here it is: “The Sled.”

Guys love the Super Bowl for the football. Chicks dig the commercials. Some guys dig commercials too, and that's cool and all but seriously, is Eli going to be Elite or is Tom Brady going to pull a Tom Brady and make it 4 rings? There is such a thing as a 2-minute warning, so during that time we will be checking out the 2012 Suzuki Kizashi sport sedan, featuring all-wheel-drive for those snowing excursions during the winter.

The new commercial, titled "The Sled," builds on Suzuki's "Wicked Weather" commercial which aired during last year's Super Bowl. I think this is a good time to play "Over/Under" as to whether or not the majority of Eskimos actually watch football or not. Last we heard, people from the Great White North loved soccer and curling.

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