New Video Gets Up Close And Personal With The New Kia EV5

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Get up close and personal with Kia's latest electric vehicle.

The new Kia EV5 was revealed late last month and gave us a look at the brand's latest electric vehicle.

Styled after the futuristic EV9, the compact crossover will be produced in China and sold in other markets. Aside from the official images, we're yet to get a proper look at the EV5, but thanks to a new video, we get to see the electric crossover in the real world.

First discovered by Carscoops, a new video from Korea gets us up close with the EV5. The front end boasts a classy headlight design that frames the digital "Tiger Face." LED Lighting provides the Kia with superior road illumination at night while simultaneously giving the front fascia an upmarket look.

The headlights are connected by a subtle lightbar that runs beneath the hood. Overall, we see traces of Volvo in the front end, particularly the new electric EX models.


The example seen here is fitted with 18-inch alloys with a futuristic four-spoke design, unlike the quirky three-spoke design on the concept. Even on the crowded Korean street, the EV5 appears modestly sized.

According to official data submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the EV5 measures 181.7 inches from stem to stern. This makes it slightly shorter than the Sportage despite having a similarly-sized wheelbase. The lack of a traditional drivetrain means Kia engineers could maximize interior space without making the EV5 bigger.

Overall width is rated at 73.8 in, while height is 67.5 in. Due to the battery pack, the EV5 tips the scales at a hefty 4,123 lbs. Regarding power, Chinese-market EV5s are reportedly powered by an electric motor that produces 215 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque. A range of 372 miles can be expected for this derivative.


However, the street-parked example seen here is likely configured in Korean spec, which means it may use a different battery pack and possibly even different electric motors. The host in the video refers to the vehicle as a pre-production prototype, which explains some of the questionable panel gaps seen here (note how the front fender and hood line up).

We expect more details on the Korean variants to be revealed in the coming months, giving us a better idea of what to expect. The Chinese-market EV5 will hit dealerships later this year, so we expect the crossover to reach Korean shores early next year.

Hopefully, America is in line to receive the EV5. Kia has already shown us that it can make a superb electric vehicle, and a small crossover (particularly one based on the brilliant E-GMP architecture) would sell exceptionally well in the States - especially if Kia can get the pricing right.


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