Video: Take a Tour of the 2012 Porsche 911's Interior

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While the exterior may look familiar, the all-new Porsche 911's interior design is a huge improvement over its predecessor.

Now that the all-new Porsche 911 has had its big debut at last month's Frankfurt Auto Show, we've been able to see all of the styling and design updates to what is perhaps one of the finest sports cars ever to have been made. While its exterior is a bit sleeker than the outgoing model, it's still undeniably a 911. Perhaps the most drastic change was the knew they needed to work on. In this recent Porsche video, the head of their interior design department talks us through the cabin.

He explains that it's a combination of classic Porsche styling elements, such as the five-reading instrument panel, combined with new bits such as a larger display and more traces of aluminum, chrome, wood, and carbon accents.

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Another interesting note is that the inspiration for the shift knob, which is mounted higher than in the past, came from the Carrera GT. Check out the video for yourself and see why this is undoubtedly the finest interior ever in a 911. Power comes from a standard 3.4-liter flat-six with 350hp. The Carrera S enjoy an even sweeter 3.8-liter unit with 400hp. Sales are set to begin shortly.

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