Video: Tesla Model S and its Huge 17-Inch Screen


The upcoming Tesla Model S will feature a 17-inch screen fitted into the dash; roughly the size of two iPads placed on top of one another.

We've seen in previous spy shots that the upcoming Tesla Model S will be equipped with a large infotainment screen. However, those pictures only showed the hollow place where the screen would be fitted without the screen itself. In a new video shot by the guys over at Autoblog, we can now see first-hand how big this screen actually is. How big? Try 17-inches. According to the video, the infotainment screen is about the size as two iPads stacked on top of each other.

This system also comes with a Linux-based OS. Drivers and passengers are further able to use the system as a web browser, a navigation tool using Google Maps, and can even control interior functions such as the sunroof and the air conditioning.

The screen is also fully customizable so that owners are able to add third-party apps and can even download different background styling themes. The fully electric, zero emissions Model S is powered by a 42 kW-h battery pack and mated to a 1-speed direct drive transmission. Pricing will start at about $57,400 when it goes on sale in the coming months.

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