Video: The 1,212hp Mosler RaptorGTR and its Bevy of Beautiful Women

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The RaptorGTR upgrade weighs 2,580, cranks out 1,212hp, runs 240mph and hits 0-60mph in 2.2 seconds. And cat suits. Lots of cat suits.

The strangest video we have seen in the last few months has just come into the CarBuzz offices. Abby Cubey rocks out for the new 2012 RaptorGTR for its world debut and we are still scratching our heads as to what just happened.

The 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR doesn't need any strange or seductive videos, as it is a tribute onto itself in terms of power and performance. For whatever reason, Mosler thought that wasn't good enough and gave it one anyways. The base RaptorGTR cranks out 838hp and can hit 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds. The $70,000 upgrade package ratchets those numbers up to 1,212hp and 2.2 seconds, respectively. It also boasts a top speed of 240mph. The supercar weighs in at a slight 2,580lbs. So feel the fire and get ready for the 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR as it breaks cover and makes its global launch.

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