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Video: The 230mph Eight-Wheeled Electric Supercar

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The builders of the eight-wheeled Eliica EV want it to be considered a true EV supercar.

Now this is something we've never seen before. The Eliica is not just an electric car, but an electric car with eight wheels. But before we get to that, a little background information is needed. The idea for the Eliica originally came from Professor Hiroshi Shimizu of Telo University, Tokyo. He wanted to prove that electric cars are capable of supercar power along with greatly reduced environmental impact.

His philosophy was that if we want electric cars to sell, they need to not only be spacious and comfortable, but they also need to be faster than their gasoline and diesel equivalents. The car works like this: Each of the eight wheels has an 80hp in-wheel electric motor giving a total output of 640hp. The car's platform also has four tracks consisting of 80 batteries. All told, recharging time takes a total of 10 hours. The completed prototype was driven by former F1 driver Ukyo Katayama and reached 199mph and later hit 230mph on Italy's Nardo track.

They then went ahead with an acceleration test against a Porsche 911, which immediately took the lead.

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However, after 3.8 seconds the Eliica matched the Porsche's 57mph speed and continued to accelerate past it. We've included two out of six videos available online showing the Eliica in action.