Video: The Best Gas Station for Ferraris

Filling up on gas never looked or sounded so great.

Supercar spotter 'Marchettino' is back early from his Christmas holiday to bring us this latest video. Claiming he took it from a very strategically located gas station that's located only 100 meters from the paddock of the Monza racetrack, we're able to see an amazing lineup of Ferraris drop by for refueling. And this time was unique because of the models that showed up, among them a 599 GTO, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia, F430, 360 Modena, and a California.

The engine notes are glorious, the sun is shining, and the tree-lined street is filled with Ferraris. For those thinking of a winter getaway, look no further than the Monza racetrack. And if you can't manage the cash for that, at least there's a decent gas station nearby.

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