Video: The EV Batmobile aka Mithos Concept


Portuguese designer creates a Batmobile-like EV concept.

The Mithos Electromagnetic Concept was first created back in 2006. Portuguese designer Tiago Miguel Inacio's EV project is a sleek and stylish supercar meant to run with high performance and zero-emissions.

He revisited his design recently and has just released a short clip showing the car in action. The clip seen here took about 3 months to produce. Inspired by Tim Burton's Batmobile, the Mithos Concept runs smooth and looks good in this HD-quality clip. The pure EV supercar runs on a 1.5 megawatt electric motor, meaning it has an equivalent and impressive power output of 2,011hp. The Mithos Concept is more than just a high-performance speedy EV. The body is built out of a hypothetical composite (meaning it doesn't exist yet), called H-Fiber.

H-Fiber is only an idea at the moment, a crash-resistant material with shape memory meaning that the effects of the crash remain only on the driver and not with the car. It also features a high-tech Terrain Scanning System, adapting the car's suspension and traction settings for each surface it may come across. As the video shows, it is also teleportation ready. You know what that means, plenty of "Beam me up, Scotty" jokes. Yep, we went there.

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