Video: 'The Hulk' Nissan GT-R Sets Top Speed World Record

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There's no official confirmation, but this Godzilla could well be the fastest on the planet.

You're probably thinking the world's fastest Nissan GT-R hails from a demented tuning shop in Japan, or a state-of-the-art facility in Germany. In fact, it comes from a quaint town in the UK called Telford. Created by Severn Valley Motorsport and dubbed 'The Hulk' for obvious reasons, last weekend it hit a top speed of just over 218mph at RAF Marham military base in Norfolk, UK, making it the fastest GT-R in the world in terms of top speed.

Proof comes courtesy of an onboard video and Racelogic Vbox data, as opposed to a guy from Guinness with a stop watch and a clipboard, and given the conditions weren't exactly favorable and the speed was timed on its very first run, we can expect even more from The Hulk in the near future.

The awesome achievement was made possible thanks to a series of modifications over the past year, resulting in the engine producing in excess of 1250hp. These include a 4.2-liter stroker kit, bigger turbochargers from Garrett, a reprogrammed ECU, an uprated gearbox, and a custom 80mm exhaust system. The car is also road legal and runs on ordinary road tires. Despite the wheels spinning continually up to fourth gear, the GT-R recorded a 110-130mph time of 1.47 seconds, beating the time set by a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by almost half-a-second. A dry run is planned for the future; in the meantime check out the world record set in the wet. Phenomenal.

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