Video: The Porsche Festival Arrives in St. Petersburg, Russia


Porsche's popularity and sales continue to increase every year throughout Russia.

Without a doubt, Porsche is on a roll in the global market. Despite the recession that began back in 2008, the German automaker has reported solid sales and ever growing popularity throughout the world (for those who can afford them). And now the company has recently posted this video showcasing the first Porsche Festival to take place in St. Petersburg, Russia. Claiming they have over 400 clients, it's obvious that Porsche has quite a few fans of all ages in the historic Russian city.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Russian Porsche Festival, the automaker unveiled the Panamera Turbo S and had test drives for the new Cayman R.

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They also had track drives for some of the brand's classic motorsport models. Since the spring of 2001, thousands of Porsches have been sold in Russia and there's no doubt that sales will continue to meet or exceed expectations in the country.