Video: The Red Victor 3 is Street Legal, More of a Dragster than a Car

3,000hp and 0-62mph in only a second? Meet the street-legal Red Victor 3.

Andy Frost's Red Victor 3 just received its SVA street-legal papers. The car, in effect, is a dragster able to run down the highway without a care in the world. A legal Pro Mod, if you will. We first got wind of the Red Victor in September when it tested its 0-62mph time in a ridiculous 1 second. When you are running on a 3,000hp twin-turbocharged V8 engine, most numbers start to sound a bit silly.

Frost's dream was to own the world's fastest street-legal road car. The man from Wellingborough, England has seen his dream come true, so check the clip below as he handles his monstrous red rocket perfectly along the highways of Britian.

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