Video: The S3 Superbus Wows the Dutch


Get ready for what could be the next generation of limousines; 16 gullwing doors and all.

You can think of this in a few ways: the bus of the future, the largest sports car of the future, or even the fastest limousine of the future. And of all places, it just paid a visit to the Dutch city of Groningen. Obviously drawing a lot of attention, it's actually an EV with zero C02 emissions. It's made from an ultra-light carbon fiber frame and is 15 meters long and can hold up to 23 seated passengers. It even has a top speed of 155mph. But perhaps the coolest part about it is that it has 16 gullwing doors.

Developed jointly by the University of Technology of Delft and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the goal was to build an environmentally sustainable mean of transportation that can accommodate a large number of people in luxury conditions. It also has an internet connection, T.V., A/C, etc.

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No word yet on whether there's any intention to bring it to production, but rumors are abound that it may be on the streets in around 2015. It's been developed by a group of talented people that includes the first Dutchman in space, Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels, Dr. Antonio Terzi (an Italian designer with a Formula 1 background), and Joris Melkert, an aerospace engineer.