Video: The Scion FR-S Shoots a Commercial, Almost Destroys a Deer

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The Scion FR-S almost hits a deer during a shoot in NorCal.

Scion Racing driver Ken Gushi had a close call while taking the new FR-S through the winding and mountainous roads of Northern California during a film shoot. A deer ran out across the road and, well, see the footage for yourself.

Gushi and the deer missed each other by near feet. Of the experience, Gushi said "I came across this left hand turn, over a crest and up to a straight, navigating through these previously unknown roads, and all of a sudden I see this black figure prancing around. And at that moment I knew 'Oh (expletive deleted), something's wrong.' As this was the Scion FR-S's first ever commercial shoot. Word is still out on whether or not the deer was actually a rogue Subaru agent trying to disrupt Scion's campaign for their version of the BRZ.

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