Video: The Sweet Sound of Bentley’s New V8 Engine

Bentley teases the sound of their new V8 engine giving us a taste of what’s in store from the legendary marque.

Bentley has been more concerned with offering an elegant driving experience than a sporting thrill of late, but with the release of a new V8 engine it seems that the time has arrived for an exhilaration fix and a wonderfully throaty soundtrack to match. Without visuals of Bentley's lighter 4.0-liter V8, we'll have to content ourselves with the sound alone for now and fill in the blanks using our imagination. However it shouldn't be too long await for the engine to be revealed.

Gracefully, the 2012 Detroit Auto Show takes place in January, and given the timing of the video, it's a safe bet this is where it'll be unveiled.

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