Video: The World's Fastest Couch (Really)


Think your couch is comfortable? Try adding some wheels and a motorcycle engine to it and see what happens.

The Aussies have always been adventurous ones and these new videos prove just that. Here's basically what they did: Evolution Motorsport modified a couch by adding wheels and an engine from a Suzuki GSX 1400 motorcycle. The result? Although it sounds hard to believe, but this thing has recently taken the title of being the world's fastest sofa in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The test in the video was conducted at Camden Airport, just outside of Sydney, where the couch hit a top speed of 101mph. The previous record was set at 92mph.

As if that wasn't enough, the guys at Evolution Motorsport went a step further with a drag race - no joke. The record setting couch was put up against a 600hp Holden 'ute. So the next time you see your neighbor dump their old couch on the curb for the garbage truck to claim, just think of the motoring possibilities that could be done with it.

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