Video: The World's Fastest DeLorean


A 575 horsepower DeLorean?

CarBuzz Editor Jay Traugott has always had a thing for DeLoreans. Subsequently, he's been the target of many office jokes about loving a car that's too heavy, extremely underpowered, and whose founder was arrested and charged with drug trafficking in order to fund the company. Jay could care less about any of that. Why? Because the DeLorean was simply cool and there's nothing else quite like it. Even after 30 years, the car's design still looks fantastic and the gullwing doors give it that added bit of personality.

And yes, it was also a time machine. Now 'Tuned' host Matt Farah gets behind the wheel of what's likely the world's most powerful DeLorean. After DMC California swapped the weak 130hp Volvo V6 for a 575hp Buick Grand National engine, Farah takes it for a spin to see just how much better this tuned DeLorean is over the original. Or is it?

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