Video: Top Gear US is Coming to the UK

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The American version of Top Gear is about to make its big debut in the UK. More riots are a possibility.

The BBC has just announced that will begin airing the entire first season of Top Gear US on October 14th. Now, for many Top Gear fans, especially those from the UK, there is only one true version of the immensely popular show. And that version is obviously doesn't come from the U.S., China, The Netherlands, or Australia. While we've seen the entire first season of Top Gear US and were mildly impressed by it, there was definitely room for improvement.

More specifically, the format needed to be diverted away from that of the original Top Gear's. Fortunately, the producers have made some very good changes for the second season and we predict that reviews will continue to improve.

However, it'll be extremely interesting to see whether UK audiences even give Top Gear US a chance. Our prediction: Never. But still, at least a good trailer was put together to make an effort to showcase the series. We'll find out in a couple of weeks whether UK audiences accept the Americanized version of their favorite automotive show.

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