Video: Toyota GT-86 is the Talk of the Town

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A further look at the Toyota GT-86 as it gets a Japanese test drive and a nice new official video of the driver-focused sports car captures it cruising around Spanish roads.

24 hours after its official release, and the Toyota GT-86 is polarizing opinion, although admittedly most people are impressed by Toyota's attempt at creating a modern sports car for the enthusiast.

As a daily driver, the GT-86 is more than competent with four seats, while when a day on the track beckons, the rear seats can be folded flat making room for four spare wheels & tires, a jack, and other essential gear.

So far, the low center of gravity, the four cylinder boxer unit, the distinctive headlights, and the stock 17-inch wheels are getting people talking, and doubtless the wheels and suspension will be the first areas of the car to see upgrades; there's also an optional trunk spoiler to consider. The interior has a supporting seat and driving position that 1.85m auto-journalists were comfortable with, an intuitive center-console, and buttons behind the gear selector for disengaging traction and stability control for a more intimate driving experience. Expect more details from the Tokyo Motor Show later this week. Photos courtesy of SpeedHunters.

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