Video: True Life – The BMW Version of ‘My New Haircut’

At least no-one walks through saying “Jaeger bombs, Jaeger bombs! MA! Where’s the Protein!”

Drivers of certain cars have received certain reputations over the years. Audi drivers, Porsche drivers and certainly drivers of BMWs. This video, titled "True-Life: I Drive a BMW" is definitely a play on the viral masterpiece "My New Haircut." Zent Rose's tale of gold-chain wearing, handout-hatin' BMW drivers tries to capture the 'essence' of owning one of the German luxury cars and the trials and tribulations they are forced to go through in everyday life.

Picking up chicks with Euro plates is something we certainly haven't thought of. Check out this great video, and remember, slamming your McCafe in a Starbucks is totally appropriate if you drive a BMW.

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