Video: Two Lamborghini Gallardos vs. Nissan GTR

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Yes, it appears one of the drivers broke his Lamborghini Gallardo.

Our favorite Russian highway racers are back at it. As crazy as ever (and that's a good thing), this time they're making use of two Lamborghini Gallardos and a Nissan GT-R. Each of the Gallardos are a little different, however, as one has the E-Gear transmission while the other has the traditional six-speed manual. Watch as the guys countdown the seconds at the lights. The most interesting part of the video takes place at around the 2:40 mark when one of the Gallardo drivers apparently burns the clutch out.

The end is also interesting as the drivers discuss their evening of fun as the broken Gallardo is put on to a flatbed and driven off in the rain. Despite the damaged car, all three sounded absolutely incredible flying down the highway. It's certainly not a bad way to spend an evening.

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