Video: Up Close with a Lamborghini Countach 5000S Prototype

This awesome Countach has been kept in immaculate condition and has true historic value.

Finding a Lamborghini Countach 5000S in mint condition doesn't happen every day, and this historical gem built in 1982 made its way to the US as the first 5.0-liter (LP500).

What makes this Lambo so important is that having started life carbonated, it became the prototype for fuel injection, becoming the first ever fuel-injected Lamborghini. The car was later shipped back to the factory in 1984 for bodywork and featured as both the Geneva and Turin Show car rebadged as the 5000S. This is truly one of the most historically important Countachs in existence, and as can be seen in the video it is in absolutely pristine condition with a mere 15,000 original kilometers on the odometer and an all-original factory paint and interior in a one-of-a-kind silver on blue color combination. Simply stunning.

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