Video: UPS Trucks Go Plastic

What could be more efficient than saving millions on fuel annually in an already fuel driven economy? Well, thanks to plastic, UPS trucks could be getting around 14mpg. How so? Simply by using a smaller diesel engine and reducing weight, which will shave some 1000 pounds. The biggest change is that the trucks will be constructed from plastic and composite materials.

The new truck has been dubbed the CV-23 and is the brainchild of Utilimaster and Isuzu. UPS trucks will definitely be put to the test here. With its most grueling routes in Lincoln, Nebraska; Tucson, Arizona and Albany, New York, the new plastic trucks certainly have their work cut out for them.

Going plastic truly brings a whole different perspective out there to the fuel frenzied economy, which fluctuates on a daily basis. We only wonder if the new plastic trucks will still deliver packages on time.

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