Video: VF Engineering Tuned BMW M3 Roadtested by Matt Farah

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Tuned's Matt Farah drives and reviews the 700hp supercharged BMW M3 by VF Engineering.

Made for the Drive channel's TUNED show, this video sees Matt Farah getting behind the wheel of the awesome VF Engineering-tuned 2012 BMW M3.

With upgraded power, suspension, and brakes, the heavily tuned E92 M3 apparently now has the requisite power for the level of handling the amazing chassis provides. The supercharger fitted by California tuners VF Engineering adds 30 to 40 percent more horsepower, while a series of other components have also been fitted such as AP Racing brakes and an Akrapovic exhaust system. This M3 monster has 700hp (575hp at the wheels) and as you can imagine, 10-second quarter miles are no problem. For more information and to hear the low guttural soundtrack of this supercharged M3 as it makes its way around a tight canyon road, check out the video.

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