Video: Volkswagen Brings Darth Vader Back for the Super Bowl


Darth Vader and Volkswagen are back for this year's Super Bowl.

Game Day is this Sunday and Volkswagen knows they need another hit commercial to one-up their success from last year. Air time for a Super Bowl commercial is by no means cheap and advertisers spend a good chunk of the year up with what they hope will be a memorable hit. After young Darth Vader's attempt (and in his world, a successful one) to start the then all-new Passat with the power of the force, the German automaker wants again to capitalize on the 'Star Wars' theme.

This year's commercial, which you can check out below, begins quite differently. At first you wonder why they chose a dog to help promote the new 2012 Beetle. However, there's, shall we say, a proper transition after about 40 seconds. So what does everyone think? Is the force still with Volkswagen this year?

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