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Drivers near the polar circle are learning awesome maneuvers on endless miles of icy wilderness.

Amongst the vast wilderness of northern Sweden, where temperatures average around -20 degrees Celsius, drivers can take part in the Volkswagen Driving Experience. Reindeers are normally the wildest things to be found on the roads of Lapland, an area just a few kilometers south of the polar circle, but on the prepared ice tracks drivers are schooled in the art of braking, swerving, and handling a Golf R and Scirocco R.

60 coaches provide an excellent education and the chance to have plenty of fun in the spiked-wheeled front- and four-wheel drives on the ice tracks. Testing the cars and their abilities drifting around sharp snow bends, doing 270 degree turns, this is an unforgettable driving experience in an unforgettable setting.

The two VWs are equipped with a special feature: a switch that deactivates the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), a big help when driving on ice as the car can be steered with the throttle pedal. The ESP is also activated when the driver applies the brakes, so the car can be steered without automatic assistance, making for a more thrilling driving experience. From next year in Germany, the deactivatable ESP will feature on these and other VW sports models.

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