Video: Walter Rohrl Takes Porsche Panamera GTS Around Ascari

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The racing legend demonstrates how to push Porsche's sportiest saloon to the limits.

Watch the famous German driver and senior Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl push the sportiest of all Panameras, the naturally-aspirated GTS, to the limits around the Ascari track in Spain.

OK, so it's not the 911 GT2 RS or Carrera GT, but the all-wheel-drive 430hp sports sedan still houses a pretty mean 4.8-liter V8 powerplant. Watching the maestro's quick lap in the GTS saloon is far from boring and with the visual dashboard you can follow what the car is doing as it's expertly taken around the gorgeous track. Having won two world rally championships during the 1980s, a time when the sport was considered the most dangerous, the 65-year old has a lifetime of experience behind the wheel of the fastest cars on the planet. So watching him in action, even for one lap, is a privilege.

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