Video: When Pimping a Range Rover Sport Goes Wrong

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Therapy may be in order after viewing this.

Yes, it is possible to over do just about anything. When it comes to Range Rovers, we've seen many in our day, but this truly something else. This Range Rover Sport not only has a chrome exterior wrap, but also those hideous 24-inch lawnmower blade wheels. The video, taken by a tourist on his trip to the U.S., gives us a complete 360 degree view of the thing and it's actually good that the sun isn't shining too brightly, otherwise all of the chrome may have caused him to go blind.

But still, this is clearly an example of going way too far when pimping your ride. Fortunately for the owner, he/she didn't make an appearance in front of the camera. If so, we'd be able to see who exactly would drive something like this. Certainly not something to be proud of.

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