Video: Why Lamborghini Will Always Amaze Us

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Love Lamborghini? Then be sure to watch this seven-part mini-series about the iconic supercar brand.

Who doesn't love Lamborghini? It's really hard not to and some may even claim it's damn near impossible. Ok, so maybe a few Ferrari fans may not subscribe to the Lamborghini newsletter, but they still can't deny the insane abilities and history of this fellow Italian supercar builder. Everything from the Countach, Diablo, and now the Aventador have become legendary names in the world of supercars.

And in this new video series produced by CarNewsTVChannel that's now featured on YouTube, we're given a first-hand look behind the scenes at the Italian automaker's Sant'Agata Bolognese factory. In addition, current CEO Stephan Winkelmann discusses the essential elements that make up his company and the Lamborghini name.

He claims that Lamborghini wants to establish itself as the benchmark super sports car of this decade. It's really a great in-depth piece and if you go to the CarNewsTVChannel, you can check out the entire seven-part series. It's really a fun watch.

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