Video: World’s Swiftest Mobility Scooter Gets Thrashed in the Snow

Some people like to build snowmen when the white stuff falls, others thrash around in tuned-up mobility scooters.

When the snow falls and you own the world's fastest mobility scooter (hitting 71mph to take the Guinness World Record back in 2010) what else are you going to but take it out for a good old thrashing? 32-year old Colin Furze is the proud owner of the psychotic scooter, and having woken up to find a surprise snowfall had blanketed his hometown he decided to take it for a spin and clocked 51mph in the process.

Interestingly, Colin says he "found it easier to ride as the steering isn't so responsive." With no personal experience of tuned mobility scooter driving to speak of, it's impossible to disagree with the gadget geek.

As an aside, the song in the background is by March to the Grave called Valentino, an ode to motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi.

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