Videos: Dodge Launches Durango Campaign Blitz


Dodge releases 10 new videos promoting the completely redesigned Durango SUV.

Dodge is on a roll. In addition to launching heavily revised and redesigned cars lately, the revitalized American automaker is working hard to remind everyone of its SUV credentials. The following 10 new commercials, which are set to begin airing this week, showcase the Durango SUV's best-in-class towing capacity, its radar sensors, and Nappa leather seats. A close competitor, the Ford Explorer, is now a crossover, a fact that a couple of the commercials fully exploit.

Best In Class Towing is not a title. It is not an honor on the plaque of an award trophy. It's not just a bragging right. It is an activation. It is encouragement. It's the ability for a Dodge Durango driver to get out there and use their SUV's towing capacity for everything it's worth. And, it should also be a reminder to the competition to try and keep up.

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In the world of sport and utility, performance is capability. And what you're capable of towing is what differentiates an SUV built on an SUV platform, from an SUV built on a sedan platform. This spot is an actual demonstration of the Durango's best-in-class towing capability.

Seven-Passenger seating is an important feature in an SUV. It offers seven passengers the space and comfort to enjoy every spoil that a sport utility vehicle can offer. It means more friends, and more family can share the experience of the road and the off-road.

Like many high-performance vehicles, the 2011 Dodge Durango has a lavish interior. This spot draws a comparison to a particularly high-performance vehicle with a comparable lavish leather interior.

The SUV is back! With crossovers trying to convince drivers that cars can be SUVs and with SUVs hiding out pretending to be minivans, the Durango commits to being a true SUV.

One of the key components to any respectable vehicle is the power plant that enables it to perform accordingly. The Durango's Pentastar V6 engine is both fuel-efficient and powerful. It's a paradox of performance. And it's evidence that Dodge is going somewhere new, without forgetting where it came from.

What makes one SUV stand out from all others? Is it technology? Is it the ability for said technology to create a more active driving experience? Is it technology called Active Cruise Control that uses radar to anticipate the distance between the SUV and the driver ahead, and automatically maintain a safe driving distance? Yes.

Balance, agility and the ability to handle as well as a much smaller vehicle are surprising characteristics of the 2011 Dodge Durango -- especially when compared to the previous build (2009 MY). These are all qualities that reinforce the "sport" in sport utility.

Towing precious cargo and hauling seven passengers brings a certain level of caution. Therefore it is important to communicate the exclusive features that make these tasks safer and more manageable. The Durango's Rain Break Support system is one feature that validates safety and security as another important aspect of performance.

Traveling over off-road terrain is necessary of any true SUV. Without it, SUVs would be even more difficult to differentiate from vehicles in competitive categories (e.g. CUV's). Thus, a dialogue with consumers on how this feature works in the 2011 Dodge Durango is important.