Vilner Just Created One Of The Best Looking Mini Coopers Ever


And we're not even joking around.

Bulgarian tuning company Vilner has just opened a new location in Beijing, China, and its first project was this: a custom 2010 Mini Convertible. The Mini was made for actress Tyan Lynn, who may or may not exist. We say that because a quick Google search shows no Chinese actress, or actress period, by that name. What isn't in dispute is the existence of this car. According to the company, the mysterious customer wanted the car to reflect her sensuality and life motto: "Success can be limitless, just like the Universe."

The interior may seem like a hodgepodge of colors but according to Vilner each shade has a purpose. The purple signifies the "sweetness of life" while the blue represents the "vastness of the human soul." The white is because, well, the outside is white. In addition to the leather and Alcantara there are also bits of solid gold throughout, most noticeably the buttons below the speedometer and some pieces of the shifter. The roll bars of the seat unfortunately are not solid gold; they're just covered in gold paint. Vilner says it covered some parts of dash's plastic parts with 25 layers of coating and lacquer to create the unique swirl or, "universe," pattern. Say what you want about the color scheme overall but this effect looks damn cool to us.

The exterior is a lot tamer than the interior, which is probably for the best. As for the engine, well it was left completely untouched. The Bulgarian company isn't exactly known for being subtle, and this Mini is certainly loud and proud. It may come as somewhat of a shock, but we actually don't hate this. The interior colors and materials work well together and we're really happy the exterior was left alone (for the most part). Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

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