Vilner Rebuilding Alfa Romeo RZ

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Bulgarian tuner gets its hands on Alfa's rare Zagato roadster.

Before the new Alfa Romeo 4C there was the 8C Competizione. But before that there was the SZ coupe and RZ roadster. Designed by Zagato and based on the Alfa Romeo 75, the RZ and SZ were what you might call purposefully ugly. Barely more than 1,000 SZs were made, and fewer than 300 RZs, making it one of the rarest modern Alfas around. Though it predated both the 8C and 4C, the 3.0-liter V6 in the SZ and RZ position it in the annals of history right in between the two in terms of cylinder count. Now it appears that Vilner is reworking one.

Just what the Bulgarian customizer has in mind for the Roadster Zagato we don't know at this point, but of course it's best known for its interiors. Whether Vilner plans to stick to the original black leather or go a different way remains to be seen.

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