Vilner's take on Hennessey's Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600

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Vilner and Hennessey have changed the way we look at Jeeps forever.

Hennessey and Vilner recently took the previous generation Jeep Grand Cherokee and reworked the interior and engine and gave it some slick red and black forged rims to complement the entire red and black-trimmed exterior. Bulgarian tuners Vilner have tried their hand at the Jeep's interior, giving it an incredible upgrade to match the superb work on the exterior. Vilner refreshed the interior with red and black Alcantara on top of black leather.

A newly-designed Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel has been shaped to give the driver a more comfortable grip. The external lights received additional lenses and LED daylight running lights. Vilner added their badge to the rear of the Grand Cherokee, sharing the company of Hennessy's previously affixed badge. The impressive visual aesthetics added hint at the SUV's impressive performance. Hennessey gave the Grand Cherokee 620hp by mounting a Vortech turbocharger to the V8. It can run 0-62mph in roughly 4 seconds. The tuned Jeep combines looks with performance and is a testament to international tuning collaborations.

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